Maidens explores the theme of heritage and identity using the aesthetics of creator Jeanine Christopher-Kebbie’s own mixed heritage (British, Bulgarian and Sierra Leonian).

The collection brings the three worlds to a unified meeting point with a goal to mix elements from far flung corners of the earth together,  documenting what could be the future of fashion in a multicultural society and how we can treat clothing to preserve it for future generations.

In a time of national uncertainty towards Britain’s future in-relation to it’s place within the rest of the world, as well as environmentally challenging times, the collection aims to provide the wearer with positivity, which is reflected in how the garments have been created. The clothes featured are made from reclaimed cotton, linen, silk and wool, which have then been treated in many different ways. By treating the surface of everyday fabrics like these, it goes back to the days of re-inventing loved clothes from the past, bringing the world of luxury and clothing with longevity to a merging point.